A deck will add value to your home. Some deck installation jobs are simpler than others. Nonetheless, if you intend to build the deck on your own or hire professional deck contractors to build it for you, some good choices will make a huge difference.

Here are some tips to make sure that your project is successful and it lasts for a long time. There’s always an advantage to installing a new deck, and you only have to consult with a deck design company Flower Mound to help you with that.

1. Apply for a permit.

Sure, it’s a hassle to get a permit as that will cost you some money. While it won’t cost you so much, it’s definitely worth the hassle. Most towns, states, and cities employ a qualified construction inspector or engineer to check out the plans. Basically, they know the new code requirements as well as the best practices for the project. They are more than eager to share some of their knowledge with you.

Show them the basic dimensional drawing of your deck, and they can help with the other details. Make sure you choose the right beam sizes, post, stand, and joist, as well as the right hangers and fasteners to get the best possible results. It is in your best interest to get a permit for your deck.

2. Ask for multiple quotes.

Ask for several quotes from different service providers. Requesting for just one isn’t a nice move. Although you intend to install the deck on your own, multiple quotes will help determine if hiring a contractor is worth it.

Deck installation companies can also be hired to install just the stairs or the handrails. Even if it is just a part of the project, you can benefit from it because they know what is the right material to use. They can also evaluate if your new deck is correctly built. With a qualified deck contractor at your side, you will be guided in the right direction.

3. Hire a licensed deck contractor.

Many states offer an online search service to check if the home improvement contractor’s license is valid and what kind of contractor they employ. Many deck installation contractors have specific carpenter licenses. Others may have general contractor’s licenses.

General contractors that design decks typically have experience and knowledge in other kinds of construction jobs. They may be helpful when installing a large deck or installing an electrical roof or deck. On the other hand, a deck installation contractor who holds a basic carpenter license may not possess the necessary experience in doing electrical or plumbing work.

4. Choose the right materials.

A lot of choices are before you when it comes to deck materials, so choose the one that’s right for you. Composite decks are ideal for cold winters and hot summers. These decks are easy to maintain because they require low maintenance. Most modern composite materials are guaranteed for at least 25 years.

Traditional cedar or redwood deck materials are cheaper to start with than composite decks. But they will cost more in the future if you add the required maintenance costs. Another good choice is an exotic hardwood, which is also popular these days. But they normally cost more than composite decks. They require annual maintenance as well.