Avoid the Common Roof Scams

A roofing system is one of the most essential components of every building and home. It plays one of the biggest roles in protecting you and your properties from the outside elements therefore, whenever you find that your roof needs fixing, you do not have enough time to spend gathering estimates, thoroughly researching your options, reading customer reviews, and shopping around. Unfortunately, roof scams are all very common nowadays. This is why you must get to know the professional and most reliable McDonough roofers.  

You will want to move a little bit faster to make the fixing of your roof happen before the situation causes further damage or gets worse – and fraudulent roofing service providers, as well as scammers, definitely know this kind of stuff. that is the reason why there are countless unsuspecting property owners and homeowners who fall victim to roof scams every single year. The following are some of the most common roof scams you may face, how to avoid them and how to identify them:  

Disappearing Down Payments  

When a roof service provider agrees to repair or replace your roofing system, however, needs a down payment before the job even starts, you must think twice then before giving the money. This certain scheme involves the roofing company convincing the client to cash an insurance check or to sign over under the pretense which the cash is required to pay upfront for labor or buy materials for the roofing project. However, once the money is already handed over, leaving your roof still not repaired.  

You are more likely to be the target of this scam when your property or home is paid for. If you’re financing your home, you are still a possible target for any roof scams. Some roofing contractors will even do forging their endorsements and cash in the check then disappear before anyone notices it. If you see one of these signs, do not sign over the insurance check unless the needed supplies and materials are already delivered.  

Mysterious Salespeople Go Door-to-Door  

A lot of victims of roof scammers tell their experiences that a salesperson shows up at their doorsteps unannounced, offering a free roofing inspection. These salespeople are well-trained and experienced in sales, know what to usually say, and know how to hit the right target. Some may start by offering a free roofing inspection and assessment and make up a damage report, create damages or show a fake picture of someone else’s damaged roofing system – telling you as if the roof is yours. In addition to that, you can look into the background of the roofing company, see the customer reviews and feedbacks.  

Storm Chasers  

These roofing contractors travel, usually following the paths of the storms in search of currently affected property owners and homeowners to exploit. You’ll see these roof scammers the day after the storm has ripped through an area and has suffered from the damages of severe hail, storm, or wind. If your place is damaged by one of the storms, you will be vulnerable to the visit from these kinds of scammers.